Welcome to the wide world of local music and art

welcome to the wide world of local music and art.



A podcast about local music, poetry, and art.

The Local Glow is an independent, high-production podcast based out of Chicago, Illinois and created by Tariq Shihadah. This podcast is for the bedroom musician diving into the vast musical ecosystem around them, for the poet-at-heart, scrawling words in the back of every notebook, and for the consumer of all things art.

Through our story telling, in-depth featured interviews, and intimate live performances, we dig into the heart of local music, poetry, and arts throughout the Midwest and beyond, uncovering what makes your art and music communities come to life. This podcast is a celebration of art and the unique relationships that it fosters as it draws individuals from different worlds into a space where we all glow.

This production is also here as a resource to connect you to the communities around you, and to connect them to their rich and ever-changing neighbors around the Midwest and beyond.

After a successful and exciting 7-episode first season, the podcast took a short break to re-structure, re-focus, and expand the team. With the vision cast, the stories brimming, and the team grown from one to four, The Local Glow has now launched Season 2. This season features an exceptional line-up of narrative explorations of community experiences, passionate showcase performances by musicians and poets from around the country, and in-depth looks at the creative world around us.



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