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Meet the Team



Tariq Shihadah [Creator, Head Producer]

As an independent musician and a sucker for a good story, Tariq launched The Local Glow in the summer of 2017, shortly after moving to Chicago to start his career in the entirely unrelated field of Transportation Engineering. An Illinois native, Tariq spent many years living and playing music around the Midwest. He took interest in the diverse experiences of local music culture everywhere he went, where artists and listeners alike were creating communities of passion, diversity, and excellence, each with a surprisingly singular and invigorating take. To share the richness of these experiences, exploring the common threads through each as well as their unique approaches, Tariq decided to create a podcast, one designed to share the stories behind the music and art taking place all around us.

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Brian Doherty [Producer, All Around Good Guy]

Brian Doherty is a Chicago native who had his first taste of podcasting running and hosting the Front Porch: Open Mic Series. He is also an active member of the the Chicago folk and indie music scene, performing with his bands The Long Lost and Poor Calvin. Music and Podcasts are two of his biggest passions, and mashing them together with some of his favorite peers makes the local glow feel like home.

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Fredd Villa [Producer, Audio Engineer]

Drawn to the camaraderie within the DIY communities of Southern California, Fredd began collaborating with artists and musicians, helping to capture and articulate stories told in their unique perspectives. It was those stories, however different the perspective, that helped build friendships and build upon an ever growing network of dedicated performers and organizers. Moving to Chicago in 2015 to work as an audio engineer, Fredd continues to capture stories in the form of music, podcast and film.

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Victoria Thomas [Producer, Social Media]

Victoria is a student studying Art History at DePaul University with a passion for art across all media. They’re particularly interested in the way that art and storytelling can create space for shared experiences and the role art plays in building community. Victoria also works at Wrightwood 659, an art gallery which features socially conscious modern and contemporary art. In their spare time, Victoria enjoys crafting, making delicious vegan foods, and exploring the outdoors.

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