S2-E3: Furious


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Samantha Jordan, AKA FURY, is writing the soundtrack for a revolution. It started in her grandfather’s church, where she learned that music can be a feeling. That it’s not just words and melodies, but it’s got a soul that can spread far and wide, breathing life into communities and culture. With a revival of the lyricism and purpose of the Golden Age of Hip Hop, FURY brings a monsoon of vision and passion. Like a prescription for the ills of the world, she declares “What I’m doin’ is reducin’ the pollution on the airwaves.”

Learn more about FURY at www.furyhiphop.com.

Learn more about The Local Glow at www.thelocalglow.com.

Production music by Snayl (snayl1.bandcamp.com), outro music by All Over the Place (allovertheplace.bandcamp.com).

Music mixing by Tariq Shihadah, music mastering by Joni Elfers.

Produced by Tariq Shihadah.