S2-E6: Do You Want to Talk About It?


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Marco Aziel, also known as Aaron, and his musical partner Travis Anderson are two great big hearts on the sleeves of southeastern Michigan’s musical world and together make up the emo-adjacent band, Daddy and the Long Legs. The two-person outfit glimmers with youthful resilience and curiosity, and it glows with a strong balancing force of beyond-their-years wisdom and emotional weight.

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Learn more about The Local Glow at www.thelocalglow.com; listen to Daddy and the Long Legs’ new album at daddyandthelonglegs.bandcamp.com; learn more about In The Band at inthebandstudio.com

Production music by Lowell Shaffer of IT( (itmusic9.bandcamp.com) and Frail Body (frailbodyil.bandcamp.com) as well as Tariq Shihadah (discoverermusic.com).

Outro song “Restless Sleeper” by Fay Ray (fayray.bandcamp.com).

Produced by Tariq Shihadah, Brian Doherty, Victoria Thomas, and Fredd Villa. Original performance mixed by Fredd Villa.

Tariq Shihadah